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  • Container Loading Brisbane

Container Unloading

We are the container unloading specialists! What ever size your container is, what ever the product is you need unloading we can do it! At Proficient Containers we charge through a container rate and not an hourly rate, which in turn benefits our customers to precisely budget their warehouse expenditures. We guarantee containers will be unloaded as fast and as safely as possible to maximise your other warehouse obligations

Safety Focused

Although our slogan states ‘Get in, Get out’, we aim to do this without injury. We ensure this through safe lifting procedure inductions for all containers unloaded and load ins as well as licencing for all forklift drivers. Most warehouses will have their own site specific safety induction which all men must complete upon there first day of work at that specific site.

Container Loading

If you don’t require containers to be unloaded at your business but need stock loaded into to containers for export, then look no further. We have helped many customers maximise their export loads by carefully working with them to ensure the product is loaded in the containers correctly and efficiently.

Although out slogan states ‘get in, get out’ we pride ourselves on doing this in the safest way possible. We believe we have promoted a safe and friendly culture at Proficient through our procedures and expectations.

Safety Unloading Procedure

Generally our current clients require a crew of unloaders (2 men) and a forklift driver (licence holder). This crew of three surpasses through a number of OH&S procedures in order to unload a container quickly, safely and proficiently. First and foremost, the crew will sign in upon arrival at a job. After this they will proceed to meet with the on site supervisor. This supervisor will inform the crew in regards to the containers they will be unloading and the requirements of the palletisation.


All members of the crew are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This encompasses: steel cap safety boots, hi-vis work clothes and gloves. Gloves provide a safeguard for our workers hands. Ensuring that they do not become too cold in freezer warehouses and also serving to protect them from sharp objects such as the corners of hard frozen boxes and / or steel wire. With out hands our business does not function.


One member of the crew will nominate to operate the forklift for the duration of the unload (they must have a current licence). The other members will do the manual unload. The manual unloaders are responsible for preparing themselves for a variety of light and heavy boxes. This generally involves stretching and tucking in any loose clothing that can become caught on the pallet during an unload. Workers also understand and adhere to the correct manual handling procedures.