Although our slogan states ‘Get in, Get out’, we aim to do this without injury. We ensure this through our safe lifting procedure inductions for all containers unloaded and load ins as well as licencing for all forklift drivers. Most warehouses will have their own site specific safety induction which all men must complete upon there first day of work at that specific site.


We generally need to visit your warehouse to gain an understanding of the type and quantity of stock that requires palletisation. Or you can give us a call or send through an email about your container unloading requirements. Things that influence a quote

  •  Type of stock
  • Frequency of containers
  • Quantity of stock in containers
  • If we supply a forklift driver or not

Customer Focus

At Proficient Containers our aim is to work as quickly and safely as possible to ensure your warehouse is not postponing any orders or delivers. We aim to work with you in maximising your productivity through our efficiency.

 Why choose us?

If you import, export or simply just need re-organising of stock around your warehouse, then our services are just what you require. We understand the internal structure of most warehouses and comprehend that your internal staff are needed in designated areas at all times and not misused unloading containers or reshuffling stock around the warehouse to create more space. Hence why using a specialised container crew will allow you to you use your internal staff where they are needed most.